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  1. The Cob Builders Handbook

    By Becky Bee

    Cob (an old English word for lump) is old-fashioned concrete, made out of a mixture of clay, sand, and straw. Becky Bee's manual is a friendly guide to making your own earth structure, with chapters on design, foundations, floors, windows and doors, finishes, and of course, making glorious cob.

    "I believe that building with cob is a way to recreate community and experience the joy of working together while taking back the right to build our own homes and look after our Mother Earth."

    She loves doing something that makes sense in a world where lots of things don't.

    Paperback $23.95

    PUB DATE March 01, 1998

    PUBLISHER Groundworks

  2. The Straw Bale House

    By Athena Swentzell Steen, Bill Steen and David Bainbridge

    Imagine building a house with superior seismic stability, fire resistance, and thermal insulation, using an annually renewable resource, for half the cost of a comparable conventional home. Welcome to the straw bale house! Whether you build an entire house or something more modest-a home office or studio, a retreat cabin or guest cottage-plastered straw bale construction is an exceptionally durable and inexpensive option. What's more, it's fun, because the technique is easy to learn and easy to do yourself. And the resulting living spaces are unusually quiet and comfortable.The Straw Bale Housedescribes the many benefits of building with straw bales:

    • super insulation, with R-values as high as R-50
    • good indoor air quality and noise reduction
    • a speedy construction process
    • construction costs as low as $10-per-square-foot
    • use of natural and abundant renewable resources
    • a better solution than burning agricultural waste straw, which creates tons of air pollutants

    Paperback $34.95

    PUB DATE December 01, 1994

    PUBLISHER Chelsea Green Publishing

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