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Brandon Rutter-Daywater

Brandon Rutter-Daywater

Dr. Brandon Rutter-Daywater grew up on Badgersett Farm, eating some dirt
but very few hazelnuts—they were all for seed! Dedicated to the long-term
viability of the human race, and therefore our concomitant living things, his
formal training is primarily in engineering and biologically inspired robotics.
A national merit scholar upon graduating from high school, now he’s the COO at
Badgersett, building a family and a house where he’s convinced he’ll be able to
do the most good. He is now growing and eating a lot more hazelnuts!

Brandon Rutter-Daywater

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Growing Hybrid Hazelnuts

Growing Hybrid Hazelnuts

By Philip Rutter, Susan Wiegrefe and Brandon Rutter-Daywater

Paperback $39.95