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The Woodland Way

A Permaculture Approach to Sustainable Woodland Management

By Ben Law

A book for everyone who loves trees and woodlands. This 2015 edition of the 2001 classic is written from the heart by an innovative woodsman who is deeply committed to sustainability, this radical book presents an immensely practical alternative to conventional woodland management. Through his personal experience, Ben Law clearly demonstrates how you can create biodiverse, healthy environments, yield a great variety of value-added products, provide secure livelihoods for woodland workers and farmers, and benefit the local community. He argues the case for a new approach to planning, encouraging the creation of permaculture woodlands for the benefit of people, the local environment and the global climate.


"Ben’s brilliant book points the way forward for woodland management in the British Isles and beyond. It covers every aspect of what is in reality “woodland stewardship,” from both a practical and a philosophical standpoint. This book is set to be a classic and will surely mark a turning point in our relationship with woods and the natural environment."--Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud, former head of WWF International’s Forests for Life Life Programme

"Ben is a true pioneer and is, by example, quite simply creating a woodland renaissance in Britain."--Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall


Ben Law

Ben Law

Ben Law trains apprentices and runs courses on sustainable woodland management, roundwood timber framing, coppice crafts, and permaculture design. He was a founding member of the Forest Stewardship Council. He also has worked for Oxfam as a permaculture consultant. He is the author of The Woodland Way: A Permaculture Approach to Sustainable Woodland Management and The Woodland House. He lives in West Sussex, UK. Law's woodland house has been featured on The World's Greenest Homes, a series of the Discovery Channel's Planet Green.  Ben's latest book is Roundwood Timber Framing, a full colour guide to his building techniques. His website is


Ben's Website


Build an Eco-Home from the woods (DVD Trailer) with Ben law

Build an Eco-Home from the woods (DVD Trailer) with Ben law

The Woodland Way

Pages:208 pages
Size: 8.75 x 10 inch
Publisher:Permanent Publications
Paperback: 9781856232661
Pub. Date August 15, 2013

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Paperback, 208 pages, $39.95