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The Fruit Forager's Companion

Ferments, Desserts, Main Dishes, and More from Your Neighborhood and Beyond

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From apples and oranges to pawpaws and persimmons

Half of the fruit that grows in yards and public spaces is never picked or eaten. Citrus trees are burdened with misshapen lemons, berries grow in tangled thickets on the roadside, and the crooked rows of abandoned orchards fill with fallen apples. At the same time, people yearn for an emotional connection that’s lacking in bland grocery store bananas and tasteless melons. The Fruit Forager’s Companion is a how-to guide with recipes, devoted to the secret, sweet bounty just outside our front doors and ripe for the taking, from familiar apples and oranges to lesser-known pawpaws and mayhaws. It will tell readers where and when to find them, and how to gather and cook them—everything from pontack, an elderberry-based condiment, to caramel apple clafoutis. Written by a seasoned chef, curious gardener, and foraging convert in a witty, welcoming style, it’s a must-have for seekers of both flavor and fun.


Sara Bir

Sara Bir

A graduate of The Culinary Institute of America with years of recipe expertise, Sara Bir creates recipes that draw on her professional skill set, yet are realistic for home cooks. She specializes in baking, vegan cooking, charcuterie, and utilizing seasonal ingredients and food on hand in order to curtail food waste at consumer levels. The founding food editor for Paste Magazine, Bir has written for Serious Eats, Saveur, and MIX, among other publications, and was featured in the Da Capo Press anthology Best Food Writing 2014.


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The Fruit Forager's Companion

Pages:400 pages
Book Art:Full-color photographs throughout
Size: 7 x 10 inch
Publisher:Chelsea Green Publishing
Paperback: 9781603587167
Pub. Date May 15, 2018

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Paperback, 400 pages, $29.95