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Pastured Poultry Profit$

A couple working six months per year for 50 hours per week on 20 acres can net $25,000-$30,000 per year with an investment equivalent to the price of one new medium-sized tractor. Seldom has agriculture held out such a plum. In a day when main-line farm experts predict the continued demise of the family farm, the pastured poultry opportunity shines like a beacon in the night, guiding the way to a brighter future.


Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin and his family own and operate Polyface Farm in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. The farm produces pastured beef, pork, chicken, eggs, turkeys, rabbits, lamb and ducks, servicing roughly 6,000 families and 50 restaurants in the farm’s bioregion. He has written 11 books to date and lectures around the world on land healing, local food systems.


June 02, 2018

Joel Salatin at Mother Earth News Fair

MEN Fair, Frederick, MD | Joel Salatin

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Joel Salatin: Building Forgiveness into the System

Joel Salatin, Polyface Farms - Folks This Ain't Normal

Joel Salatin, Polyface Farms - Folks This Ain't Normal

Pastured Poultry Profit$

Pages:334 pages
Book Art:Black and white photos
Size: 6 x 9.1 inch
Paperback: 9780963810908
Pub. Date July 01, 1996

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