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Mary Appelhof

Mary Appelhof, prepared by master’s degrees in biology and education, spent over 30 years working to develop a system for using redworms to process organic waste.  Recognized as an international authority and lecturer on small-scale vermicomposting she received many honors including a National Science Foundation Grant and the National Recycling Coalition’s Recycler of the Year 2005, Lifetime Achievement.

Mary coordinated the highly successful Workshop on the Role of Earthworms in Stabilization of Organic Residues, compiling its proceedings.  She also hosted the Vermillenniumin 2000, which was attended by 129 scientists and worm workers from 19 countries. A former high school biology teacher Mary had the ability to present scientific information in a format easily understood by the layperson.  This is evident in the number of lectures she gave internationally during her lifetime.  Author of Worms Eat My Garbage her self-published book has sold over 200,000 copies and continues to be the handbook on vermicomposting.  Mary, the “Worm Woman of Kalamazoo,” died in 2005.


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