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Fertile Edges

Regenerating Land, Culture and Hope

Maddy Harland offers a unique, frontline take on 25 years of environmental successes and the massive challenges facing this planet and its people. From permaculture’s origins in Australia in the 1970s to its current activities in over 170 countries worldwide, Harland explores the positive developments of this global movement and the potential it has yet to achieve. Her narrative is contextualized by significant trends and events: wars, disasters, deforestation, rising sea levels, the threat to the Gulf Stream, 9/11, Occupy, the rise of Trump, Brexit and climate denial.

From discussions of practical permaculture to ruminations on deep ecology and global transformation, Harland contrasts the permaculture perspective with the ecocide of “business as usual.” Her writings reference concepts such as regenerative culture, earth restoration and social permaculture, long before they were to become core permaculture ideas and practices. Her deep connection with the natural world—its seasons, landscapes, and species—and all that our differing cultures and spirits have to offer add another dimension of heart to this book.

These editorials from the mid 1990s to today, comprise a thoughtful portrait of an increasingly global movement, represent a forthright and compassionate call to arms, and offer pathways to hope and strength in times of crisis.


Maddy Harland

Maddy Harland

Maddy Harland is a co-founder and editor of Permaculture International: Practical Solutions Beyond Sustainability, a magazine which offers practical, innovative solutions and global perspectives. 2017 is the magazine’s 25th Anniversary Year. In 1990 Maddy co-founded Permanent Publications, a publishing company specializing in practical ecological solutions, and the Sustainability Centre in Hampshire, UK, once a military base, and now a thriving immersive learning center. She is a founding member of Gaia Education, which developed the Ecovillage Design Education course endorsed by UNESCO. An activist, gardener, teacher, community leader, Queens’ Award winning entrepreneur, and mother, Maddy is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and is a Visiting Knowledge Exchange Fellow of the Institute of Theological Partnerships at the University of Winchester in the UK.

Fertile Edges

Pages:192 pages
Size: 6 x 8.25 inch
Publisher:Permanent Publications
Paperback: 9781856233095
Pub. Date November 06, 2017

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